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Natural Discoveries LLC is the product of over 30 years of front-country (corporate) and back-country (outdoor) experiences and perspectives. The depth of our team's front-country experience comes from team members working with small and large companies, in technical and non-technical fields, for medical institutions, non-profits, as coaches, educators, and facilitators.

Our depth of back-country experience comes from extensive mountain search and rescue, local and international mountaineering, guiding, climbing of all types, adventure travel and competition.

Mike Snovak

Michael Snovak

Mike specializes in numerous levels of outdoor activities and programs for clients based on his more than thirty years of outdoor and corporate experience. His corporate background ranges from diagnostician and instructor, to developing and leading project teams to high levels of performance in companies such as Xerox, United Airlines and other organizations. His outdoor experience includes mountain search and rescue, mountaineering, climbing, and guiding in the Appalachian Mountains, the Colorado Rockies, the Cascade and Olympic Ranges of the Pacific Northwest, the Alaska Range (Denali / Mt. McKinley), and the volcanoes in central Mexico.

Mike also works as an executive coach and experiential educator and has developed and presented programs for organizations and groups of all ages that blend aspects of the hard and soft skills of individual and corporate leadership skills, team development, communication, mountaineering, outdoor ethics, and personal awareness.

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