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Therefore the consideration of the intelligent always include both benefit and harm.
As they considered benefit, their work can expand; as they consider harm, their troubles can be resolved.

Sun Tzu

Consensus Building / Alignment

Consensus Building and Team Alignment

Attaining a collective opinion in a team is sometimes a concern for groups of any size. We all have varying opinions of concepts, creation paths, or the vision of the final product whatever it is. If your team members are isolated in some way (geographically, theoretically, etc.), it may be more difficult to obtain consensus.

Why not alignment instead?

Don't look at consensus as a bad thing, diversity helps create growth. A team of clones probably won't create much creative tension!

Once the team's vision and intent have been defined and communicated, attaining "alignment" can allow individuality. Personal alignment promotes the individuality that you want from a creative team. The individual can personally tune the vision and intent and make it their own without detracting from the whole system philosophy as presented in team development.

A few tools we offer are communication, perspective, change, visioning, and others.
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