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The Living Systems Approach is a method that transforms groups and teams through conversations and experiential activities that evolve specifically from the team's unique context and mandate.

Adria A. Trowhill, MCC,Lic Mus, MA, PhD(ABD)

One major difference between this model and others lies in our beleif that the coach's ability to hold a huge and magnificent space for discovery and learning in even the most difficult situations, has profound and far reaching impact on the team's behavior and performance capabilities.

Adria Trowhill

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Living Systems Approach

Along with other systems and models, Natural Discoveries employs The Living Systems Approach model, which addresses team dynamics and relationship building as well as business and cultural issues. The process begins inside each individual team member and evolves collaboratively with the team. Clients are active partners in the collaborative coaching relationship as an individual as well as a member of a group or team.

The process includes discovery around the desired change, mutual trust, awareness of self and how we relate with others, and commitment to action around the agreed upon plan or goal, and follow-up. Of course there is much more to it than just a bulleted list that gets checked off.

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